Eagles Set Their Sights on DE Aaron Kampman

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 05, 2010

Kampman might visit Philadelphia today -- or not.

I was about halfway through an article talking about how Aaron Kampman is visiting the Eagles according to FOX's Jay Glazer, right before I notice this:

"Correction on Kampman, birds have had talks with his rep but he is NOT visiting at this point."

So Glazer got his facts mixed up and got everyone all excited over nothing. The two sides talking could be a great thing. It could mean that the Eagles are getting set to bring him in and perhaps offer a deal, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

The Birds could just be doing their due diligence with Kampman and trying to find out what he's looking for and how his knee is doing, for all we know. Talking to the reps mean they're interested, but it could very well not go any further than that.

Kampman is certainly a guy that would make sense for the Birds to pursue if they can't lure Julius Peppers out of Chicago. He's a high character guy who has a great work ethic and could really be a leader on this defense -- not to mention highly productive.

He did tear up his ACL last season, but by all accounts he's progressing nicely and will be ready to go by the time 2010 kicks off.

Kampman would also be returning to his natural position of defensive end, were he to come to Philadelphia. He was playing outside linebacker in Green Bay's 3-4 scheme last season, but he's clearly more effective with his hand in the ground.

Geoff Mosher also just tweeted: "The fact that Eagles haven't yet scheduled press conference for Weaver makes me think they expect to sign someone else today. Kampman?"

It's a good point -- maybe. But, of course, it could just mean that the Eagles haven't gotten around to it because they're dealing with more pressing matters. Adam Caplan just tweeted that the Eagles are announcing the Weaver deal at 4:00PM, so that probably kills what Mosher just said.

Gotta love free agency.

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