Eagles Still in the Running to Land Julius Peppers

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 05, 2010

Julius Peppers' next visit will be to Philadelphia.

Julius Peppers is in Chicago right now, but that apparently doesn't mean he won't be hopping the first flight to Philadelphia in a couple hours.

It was thought that the Bears would not allow Peppers to leave Chicago and would have him signed today, but with every passing hour it's looking less and less like that's the case. His agent is even going so far as to name-drop and say that if a deal isn't done, Philly is their next stop.

The Birds apparently placed their bid and are now just waiting for Peppers to either accept or decline. There's probably a little wiggle room in the offer, but not much. It's got to be a good one, however, if Peppers and his agent are willing to make the trip should things break down in Chicago.

Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Patriots also have an offer on the table for Peppers and are simply playing the same wait-and-see game as the Eagles.

Most of us are completely in the dark as far as what Peppers is looking to command. I've heard numbers that would put Albert Haynesworth to shame, and I've also heard that he's willing to take about $10-12 million per season in order to play for a contender.

It's going to be very interesting to see where he signs, and I hope it's with the Eagles, but I also hope that they don't break the bank on a 30-year old defensive end who has a reputation of not playing as hard as he should.

It's not really something we have to seriously worry about with the Birds, but something tells me his contract will be far from reasonable and could create some unhappy people in the Eagles' locker room.

How will Sheldon Brown react if he's sees big money tossed at a guy like Peppers? Brown constantly does and says the right things, but he's left in the dark while a guy known for taking plays off is getting paid?

Or what about Trent Cole? He's not making nearly the money Peppers would be, but he's certainly worth about as much and has proven so.

That's really my only concern. Players try to keep themselves apart from what other players are making, but in today's NFL is tough not to take it personally when you're playing next to the guy and get to see all his new toys first-hand.

He most likely won't become an Eagle if he's got an outrageous asking price, but if he doesn't like what Chicago has to offer and the Patriots -- the only franchise more frugal than Philly -- are the only other team with a bid in place, the Birds might just get him at a discount.

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