Andy Reid the Only Block of Donovan McNabb Trade?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 05, 2010

Eagles FO wants Kevin Kolb over Donovan McNabb?

FOX 29 in Philadelphia is reporting that there is a huge rift in the Eagles' front office. Apparently everyone is all in favor of trading veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb and starting the Kevin Kolb era, but Andy Reid is quashing any talks.

I've always said I thought Reid would fight to keep McNabb around for as long as he's around, but if this is true it wouldn't surprise me if McNabb is gone after 2010. He wants to be in Philly, but if no one wants him around he's not going to sign an extension.

In that case, it would then make sense to move McNabb before the draft and get something for him before he walks.

However, I don't buy these reports. The team's owner, Jeff Lurie, has always been a big supporter of McNabb, as has Joe Banner, the team's president. Howie Roseman is an unknown, but he really has no power on the team anyway.

Being the GM for the Eagles is like being the offensive coordinator -- it's a nice title to have, but that's all it is. Reid is making the decisions on who stays, who goes, what plays are called, and really everything else.

Aside from signing his own checks, Reid runs this organization from top to bottom.

To me, this sounds like someone has heard about how much the front office likes Kolb, and I don't doubt they do, and spun it into this story. Just because the front office thinks Kolb can eventually take over this franchise doesn't mean they're trying to push McNabb out.

Even those who aren't exactly McNabb fans can't say (with a straight face) that McNabb doesn't give this team the best chance to win a Super Bowl next year.

I think the organization really likes McNabb and wants to keep him. I don't believe that not extending his contract the other year was making 2010 a "do-or-die" season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see McNabb get an extension through 2012 or so.

I'm not denying that McNabb's window is certainly getting smaller, but I think everyone realizes that he's only now getting some real weapons and want to give him every opportunity to use these weapons and bring the Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia.

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