Eagles Final Two Weeks Just Got Hard Again

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanks snow, you're a day late and the week is FUBAR.

When the schedule first came out, it looked like having to play back-to-back games against the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys in the final two weeks of the season would be an absolute nightmare for a team that would be struggling to make the playoffs.

Then, it started to look like a division title had been gift-wrapped by Santa himself.

Brett Favre is banged up (again) and didn't appear likely to play, and the Cowboys were down to their third string quarterback after injuries to Tony Romo and Jon Kitna.

Both teams are in complete disarray, and all the Eagles have to do is beat them for a division title and quite possibly a first-round bye. Should be easy, right?

Not so fast.

With the announcement that the game will be moved from Sunday night to Tuesday night, the Eagles are put at several disadvantages. For one, Favre now has a chance to get healthy. And I don't care if you're the biggest Favre-hater (AKA jackass) on the planet, the guy gives them a much better chance to win than the rookie Joe Webb.

And secondly, Andy Reid's team now must face the Cowboys on a very short week.

Football players are creatures of habit, and this is likely to throw them all out of whack. The practice schedule makes a dramatic shift from here, it gives any player injured against the Vikings on Tuesday less time to recover and that's all compounded by the fact that it's a divisional game.

Divisional games are incredibly difficult regardless of how bad one of the teams actually is. Not to mention the fact that the Cowboys would just love to knock the Eagles out of a first-round bye or division title.

We've been looking for a true barometer of this team for a while now, and I believe we'll get it while watching how they handle what will be a chaotic week.

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Don't blame the snow, this is all the fault of that big fat pussy Roger Goodell. Concrete Charlie needs to give that bastard a Frank Gifford special and put his ass put of commission. Honestly, who has heard of a football game being postponed due to snow?


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