Eagles Turned Down Albert Haynesworth Offer

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, April 05, 2010

Even the Redskins think his contract is ridiculous.

Per Adam Calpan of Scout.com, the Eagles were reportedly offered defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in the recent blockbuster trade of Donovan McNabb. The Eagles will receive a second-round pick in 2010 and either a third or fourth in 2011, but they could have had Haynesworth as well.

"The Redskins actually offered - I'm told by two league sources - Albert Haynesworth, the oustanding defensive tackle, but Albert Haynesworth has an enormous contract," Caplan said before sneaking in that Jim Zorn and his staff couldn't stand Haynesworth.

Apparently, the Eagles do not believe (and neither does the rest of the league) that Haynesworth is worth the ridiculous money the Redskins paid him. And if the Danny Snyder thought he'd get lucky enough to have a team like the Eagles take on the burden, he's crazy.

Despite the need for a playmaker along the defensive line, the Eagles still didn't think the money was worth having an underachiever who plays when he wants to.

It will probably upset a lot of fans in Philadelphia, but I'm with the Eagles on this one. There was absolutely no reason to pick him up for the sole fact that he's not worth the money he's being paid.

Add in the fact that he's a crybaby and an underachieving locker room cancer and it doesn't take a lot of thought to figure out why the Eagles turned that down.

There's absolutely no doubt that it would be great to have Haynesworth on your team, but only if he's in a contract year and thinks he has some incentive to play well. Simply playing to win is clearly not good enough for him and the Redskins are starting to realize that.

I've always joked that the only way Hayneworth would be on my team is if I could just keep signing him to one-year deals. That's the only way anyone will get any real value out of him.

But now that the 'Skins have paid him, they're stuck with him. Outside of releasing him and admitting right out that it was a huge mistake, they're stuck paying his ridiculous salary for the next six years.

In the whirlwind of trading for McNabb, I almost forgot what a hilarious trainwreck the Redskins have been under the ownership of Snyder.

I'm not exactly sure what McNabb was thinking, perhaps it was just the opportunity to stick it to the Eagles and the fans who made the last 11 years of his life a living hell, but if it were me I'd have been on the first plane to Buffalo.

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