Eagles Trade Donovan McNabb to Washington Redskins

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, April 04, 2010

Donovan McNabb is officially a Washington Redskin.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins.

The deal is reportedly for the Redskins' second-round pick (37th overall), and either a third or fourth-round pick in 2011 depending on McNabb's performance and where the Redskins finish in the NFC East next season.

Kevin Kolb will become the Eagles' starting quarterback immediately, and Michael Vick will most likely stay on as Kolb's backup and a Wildcat player.

The timing of the deal is interesting as it comes the night before the Phillies open their season against the Washington Nationals.

The Phillies have taken over the city ever since their World Series title in 2008, but this move figures to take the attention away from the Phillies and put it back on the Eagles -- at least for the time being.

And now, thanks to an awful decision made by Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles' front office, I'm forced to sit and take any wise-ass comments you all may have. Clearly my read on the situation was way off and perhaps one of more an optimistic pipe dream rather than reality.

The fact that they moved him to a division rival tells me that Reid and the Eagles actually were shopping him around the league, and not only "listening to offers" as he claimed.

The move is reminiscent of when the Eagles moved Sonny Jurgenson to the Redskins in exchange for next to nothing. One commenter pointed this out to me in a separate article, to which I ignorantly proclaimed "Yeah, but Reid sure as hell isn't making that mistake."

I'll hold until my death that this move is a mistake, but clearly I missed the mark on what the Eagles were actually doing and went with what I hoped they would do.

The Redskins have gotten a fantastic player and a fantastic person, and the Eagles have set themselves back at least one year with this move. Even Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young were unable to have immediate success, so it's unlikely that Kolb will be able to.

Hopefully Washington, D.C. will appreciate McNabb the way Philadelphia never did.

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