Redskins Called Eagles About Donovan McNabb?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, April 04, 2010

"Hello? Yeah, please don't trade me to Washington."

According to Jay Glazer and his Twitter feed, the Washington Redskins put a call into Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles regarding the availability of quarterback Donovan McNabb.

When asked what teams, besides Oakland, have expressed interest in McNabb, Glazer responded: "Here's a new one, actually heard 'Skins made inquiry."

Of course, the obvious problem with this is that the Redskins and Eagles both play in the NFC East, and there is absolutely no way the Birds would want to see McNabb twice per season. The talk is that Reid wouldn't even entertain the idea of sending him to an NFC team, much less a team in the same division.

But usually in these types of cases, teams will call just to get a read on what the other team is looking for and perhaps strike up a conversation. It's not going to happen, but there is that rare inter-division trade.

According to Glazer, however, the 'Skins took it a step further.

"To clarify, there was more than just mild interest from 'Skins for McNabb," writes Glazer. "Heard they even talked players."

I'm not exactly sure who the Redskins have that would even interest the Eagles, but there's probably very little chance that there was ever a serious discussion between the two teams.

Even assuming we believe Reid wants to trade McNabb (which, of course, I don't), there is absolutely no way he would trade him to a division rival. The only way that happens is if Reid felt like all of McNabb's skills were heading for a rapid decline, but I think even most of the anti-McNabb crowd would agree that's not the case.

All of the talk is in the past tense, so the feeling is that the two teams have had their conversation and moved on. It was never a real possibility, but now that talks have stopped altogether, there is absolutely no chance McNabb becomes a Redskin.

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