Winston Justice Will Be a Pro Bowl Right Tackle

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, February 20, 2010

This isn't the same Winston Justice Osi saw in '07.

Maybe not next year -- because the Pro Bowl voting is ridiculous -- but Winston Justice will eventually be a Pro Bowl right tackle in this league.

I say right tackle specifically because that is now his spot to lose. He won't be switching to left tackle or moving to guard or anything like that. He earned that spot with the way he played in '09 and based on what we saw, I look for him to take it to the next level in a year or two and get serious consideration for the Pro Bowl.

Leading up to 2009, I said that I believed Justice could be the starter, and a very good one at that.

The Eagles' offensive line, as a unit, was shaky throughout the '09 campaign. But through it all, Justice was constantly the most consistent guy on the line. He had some mental breakdowns as the season went on, but that's to be expected of a first-time starter.

The biggest thing for me is that I didn't see a whole lot of physical short-comings that would make me believe that he will him limitations on his career. He seemed able to do it all -- run or pass and even pulling for the screen, he looked like a guy with all the physical tools to get it done.

That's a good start because from there everything is mental. If he will put in the extra hours of game film and work with offensive line coach Juan Castillo, he can be a very good right tackle for this team -- and very quickly at that.

My official guess is that he'll end up in the Pro Bowl in two years. That should be plenty of time to get his mind right and, with very few elite right tackles in the league, there's no much competition there, either.

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