ESPN: Eagles Entertaining Trade Offers for McNabb

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reid wants a first round pick, but that seems unlikely.

ESPN is apparently reporting that the Eagles are listening to offers for Donovan McNabb. However, they're reporting it in their "insiders" section, so us common folk don't have access to it unless we'd like to pay for it.

Which I have absolutely no intention of doing.

The report, according to, includes the names of five teams -- the Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos -- who have called the Eagles about acquiring McNabb, but nothing substantial has come of it.

Right away we can knock off the Cardinals and Vikings as potential landing spots for McNabb. Unless either team is willing to part ways with a first and second round pick, the Eagles will not trade McNabb within the conference.

It's going to take a first round pick, at least, for the Birds to deal McNabb, but it will take more to trade within the conference.

However, as we keep talking about, a trade will likely be contingent upon McNabb's willingness to sign a contract extension with the team to which he's being traded. With that in mind, I think we can scratch Buffalo and Cleveland off the list.

McNabb wants to win a Super Bowl before he retires, and would certainly not see Buffalo or Cleveland as a place to do that. They're simply not good enough to get to a Super Bowl any time soon, and McNabb doesn't have a whole lot of time.

I'm sure he's not interested in taking the time to turn another franchise around, although I believe he could certainly do it.

So that leaves the Denver Broncos as the only team with a legitimate shot at landing McNabb.

However, they may not be willing to part ways with the 11th overall pick in this year's draft, and have already denied other reports of their alleged interest in McNabb.

The denial doesn't really mean anything since NFL teams have been known to lie to the media, but they sincerely don't seem interested in trading for a quarterback. They appear very comfortable with Kyle Orton and will probably stick with him until they find a quarterback they like through the draft.

I've stuck by my belief that Reid was being sincere when he said McNabb would be the team's starter in 2010, but I also don't expect him to turn down a blockbuster deal.

The chances of that deal passing over his desk are slim and none, especially consider the teams involved and the amount of control McNabb will have over the situation, but Reid will listen just in case he hears an offer he likes.

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