Eagles Will Need Immediate Results from 2010 Rookies

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, February 19, 2010

Jackson and Maclin renewed Reid's faith in rookies.

Because of the incredibly thin free agent market, teams will be forced to do most of their improving in the draft. That means that guys can't be drafted to sit around and develop for a year, but are instead going to be asked to contribute immediately.

Whether that's part-time or as a full-time starter will obviously depend on the talent around the kid drafted, but there are a few positions that the Eagles will be expecting rookies to step in right away.

Center, free safety, defensive end, linebacker, and potentially guard, will all be positions that the Birds will be looking to their rookies. Any defensive ends or linebackers could contribute in a rotation setting, but any center, free safety, or perhaps guard could be asked to step in and start immediately because of the glaring need in those positions.

Center is really the position I'll be watching. The Eagles probably won't use a first or second round pick on a center because they expect Jamaal Jackson to be back at some point in 2010, but a third round pick isn't out of the question.

Reid likes to draft linemen anyway, so giving him an excuse to do so could see him use a high pick on someone who he thinks can immediately contribute for this team.

Free safety is a shaky spot and it doesn't look to get solidified through the draft. A lot of people have the Eagles taking Taylor Mays at 24th overall, but I don't believe he fits into what Sean McDermott wants to do on defense.

Brian Dawkins is the most beloved figure in Philadelphia since Rocky and he was allowed to walk because he didn't fit the scheme, so I think to say they're going to draft a kid who plays like Dawk -- big hitter with sub-par coverage skills -- is just wrong.

Not to say Lord Mel Kiper is wrong...ever.

The Eagles could go after a guy like Julius Peppers, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Karlos Dansby, Antonio Pierce, Nick Leckey, or some of the other limited guys hitting free agency, but I think Reid will be looking to the draft to contribute right out of the gate next season.

That's not to say all the guys drafted will play in 2010, but I think we'll see more rookies starting for Reid than ever before.

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