Eagles Pursuing Veteran Linebacker Keith Bulluck?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, February 21, 2010

Could Keith Bulluck be the answer at SAM linebacker?

Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio and FOXSports.com believes that the Eagles and Giants could, and should, target veteran free agent linebacker Keith Bulluck as it's becoming more and more likely that he doesn't get an extension in Tennessee.

"If teams are serious about winning, I'm the guy," Bulluck told Schein on his Sirius radio show.

On his Twitter account, Schein said that he believes Bulluck is right, and that linebacker-needy teams like the Giants and Eagles should pursue the 33-year old strongside linebacker.

But how much interest would the Eagles realistically have in a linebacker of his age coming off a torn ACL? They have a history of parting ways with players over 30 who seem to be perfectly healthy, let alone a guy coming off a major knee injury.

The only thing that could catch the Eagles' interest is the fact that Bulluck can play the strong side and has played it very well. But a big part of playing the strong side is being able to cover the elite tight ends the Eagles face in the NFC East -- something Bulluck could find very difficult to do at his age and coming off an injury.

The Giants seem to have the same sort of reservations about the linebacker.

I don't see the Eagles going after Bulluck because of his age and the injury. They would probably feel better starting Moise Fokou full-time and going through his growing pains rather than using Bulluck as a one-year stop-gap player.

They might reach out and see how much he'd like in a one-year contract just because they like to do their homework and, if he's willing to come in dirt cheap, he might get a workout. If that workout blows them away, he might get a contract offer.

But he will probably want starter money, so don't expect to hear a whole lot about Bulluck continuing his career in Philadelphia.

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