Eagles Sign CFL's Rookie of the Year Martell Mallett

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mallett is a no-risk, all-reward move for the Birds.

With Brian Westbrook retiring (maybe), the Eagles will need another running back to put behind LeSean McCoy, and to challenge Eldra Buckley for the backup job.

The Eagles are known for their wide-reaching scouting program, signing players from Mexico and Australia, for instance, so it's not surprising that they would jump at the chance to sign the CFL's Rookie of the Year, running back Martell Mallet.

Mallett played college ball at Arkansas-Pine Bluff, a Division I-AA school, so it's not exactly shocking that the NFL didn't take notice coming out of college. The CFL apparently did, however, and it has earned him a spot in the NFL after a one-year detour.

During his one season with the BC Lions, Mallett rushed for 1,280 yards and six touchdowns on 214 carries (5.8 yards per carry). He also caught 43 passes for 342 yards and two touchdowns.

So what does this mean for the Eagles? Well, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. There's no chance that he makes this team, or any team in the NFL for that matter. However, by getting him signed on early it gives him time to learn the offense and be ready for May when the team reconvenes after the draft.

The level of competition in the CFL obviously isn't what it is in the NFL, but that kind of production at any professional level, and as a rookie, is very impressive. The upside for this kid is that if he doesn't stick in the NFL, he would obviously be welcomed back to the CFL.

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