Younger Eagles Turning to Kolb Before McNabb?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kevin Kolb may take the reigns one day, but not today.

According to Howard Eskin, the younger Eagles players were going to backup quarterback Kevin Kolb for advice during the '09 season rather than starting quarterback Donovan McNabb. Even during the games on the sideline the younger guys were asking Kolb whenever they had a question about the offense.

While I don't believe that this means anything concerning who should be the starting quarterback of the Eagles in 2010, it does present a problem with the age gap between the skill players and the team's quarterback.

It's a good thing that the younger guys had someone to go to, but it really should be McNabb. He is the leader of the team and should make it his business to approach the younger players, but he's also not a mind reader.

You can see on the field that he will take the younger kids under his wing and explain something if he feels that they did something wrong, but apparently when a question arises for them, they feel more comfortable going to Kolb.

But honestly, if we're going to stop all the insane speculation about McNabb and just look at this situation for what it is, why wouldn't the younger guys go to Kolb?

There's almost a 10-year age difference between the two quarterbacks, and a lot of the Eagles' starters are a lot closer to Kolb's age than McNabb's. It's just natural for them to feel closer, on a personal level, to Kolb more than to McNabb.

It doesn't mean that the younger players don't see McNabb as the unquestioned leader of this team, it just means that they have recognized that there is a guy who is A) closer to their own age, and B) knows more about the offense than they do.

Brent Celek and Kevin Kolb are best friends and roommates off the field, but that doesn't mean Celek is going to suddenly demand that all of his receptions must come from Kolb.

What people on the outside don't understand is that what occurs on the field and off the field are almost like two separate lives entirely. While on the field, relationships are different than off the field. On the field, it's all business and you just want the best guys surrounding you in the huddle.

Sometimes that line gets crossed, but that's when problems arise. These Eagles have not crossed that line, so there is not a problem here. They respect McNabb and view him as the leader -- that's enough for this team to succeed with No. 5.

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