Philadelphia: Enjoy the Eagles and Their Winning Ways

Written By chris klinkner On Monday, November 23, 2009

Cole has been phenomenal against the run and pass.

One Eagles victory over the Bears does not automatically make the Eagles an elite team again. On the flip side, losing to the Cowboys and Chargers does not make the Eagles the worst of the worst. The NFL season is filled with high and lows and the Eagles are no exception to this rule.

Can the Eagles, as they currently stand, win the Super Bowl this year? I would never say never, but the odds are surely against it. But does this mean that Eagles fans should just give up on the home team? NO!

If having to wait until 8:30pm yesterday to watch the Eagles game taught me anything it's that fall and winter are a heck of a lot better with a team in playoff contention. My NFL fandom is minimal if the Eagles aren't playing (and yes I play fantasy football). So having to sit through an almost full day of NFL games without the Eagles SUCKS!

Yes, the Lombardi trophy remains the ultimate goal, but it sure is nice to have a winning football team to cheer for. Imagine if 10 games into the season the Eagles were out of the playoff picture. How incredibly awful would football Sundays be for the next 6 weeks. Even worse, imagine playoff football without your favorite team to Super Bowl-fantasize about.

So it disgusts me as an Eagles fan to listen to talk radio and read message boards and hear/see Eagles fans actually rooting for the Eagles to lose or coaches/players to get seriously injured.

Good thing the Browns or Lions don't play in Philadelphia.

What is the point of all my babbling?

I guess it's to remind fans to just enjoy watching and cheering for the Eagles. It's fine and fun to play the role of Monday morning QB, especially when Reid and McNabb make the job so easy sometimes. But don't going losing sight of how great it is to have winning football in our home town, even if they continue to fall short of the parade down Broad Street.

Because if you are like me (don't follow hockey), the fall and winter sports alternative are the Sixers and way too many days until the Phillies open their 2010 season.

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