Shawn Andrews Officially On the Trading Block

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two of the most disappointing players this season.

Well, maybe the chopping block.

With Winston Justice signing a four-year extension to keep him in Philadelphia through the 2013 season, the other disappointing Andrews brother (Shawn) finds himself at a real crossroads for the 2010 season.

It's now become unlikely that he will ever play as an Eagle again, and he could just be playing a waiting game until he finds out which one of the other 31 NFL teams wants to be severely disappointed by an immense amount of talent just floating around their practice facility.

The problem the Eagles will run into is finding a trading partner for a guy who has played a total of two games over the past two season. One game per year is not a good enough workload to warrant a trade for any other team.

So, what the Eagles may wind up doing is simply keeping him on the roster and holding out hope. There are rumors that he's embellishing the injury to his back, so maybe having Justice entrenched as the starter will force him to wake up and start playing.

And if he doesn't, the guy is only making $1 million next season, which is cap-friendly enough to keep him as a backup plan.

So far, both Andrews brothers have been extremely disappointing, but at least it appears as though Stacy will be ready to go next year after his knee injury has hobbled him a bit longer than anyone expected.

There you go, NFL, there's a guy on the trading block with as many Pro Bowl appearances in his career as games played over the past two seasons.

Anyone willing to part with a draft pick? No? I didn't really think so.

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