McNabb-Cutler Talk Draws Scrutiny for McNabb

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, November 23, 2009

McNabb talks to Cutler after an Eagles win Sunday.

After last night's game against the Chicago Bears, in which Donovan McNabb willed his team to a victory, McNabb and Jay Cutler met in the middle of the field and spoke for about three minutes.

Well, actually, McNabb talked and Cutler just listened.

The mics were able to pick up a little of what McNabb was saying at the end, but it seemed as though the gist of the conversation was McNabb giving Cutler some invaluable advice on how to deal with a city on your back and the media down your throat.

Let's be honest, if anyone knows how to deal with a situation like that, it's McNabb.

And now we see why McNabb knows how to deal with the situation that Cutler is in. After his talk with Cutler, McNabb is drawing scrutiny from some members of the Philadelphia media. Apparently the talk was "over the top" and should have happened behind closed doors.

To me, this is lunacy. McNabb was simply giving a young quarterback some good advice and showing what a class act he really is, and yet the media still finds a reason to find fault in something he did.

Instead of talking about how he led the Eagles' offense down the field for the game-winning touchdown by making the keys throws they needed to be made and avoiding the pressure when it was there, we're left to read about how he shouldn't have talked to Cutler for so long.

It seems like no matter what he does, the media will never give McNabb the credit he deserves for what he has done for this team and this city. Even if he were to never win a Super Bowl here in Philly, he, along with Reid, have brought respectability back to a franchise that had none for a good portion of the post-Dick Vermeil era.

Yes, Randall Cunningham did a lot in opening the door for McNabb to be successful, but like McNabb, Cunningham will never get the respect he deserves as "The Ultimate Weapon," even though he's held in a much higher regard than McNabb.

And even "The Ultimate Weapon" didn't have the success that McNabb has had.

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