Jeff Fisher to Become Eagles Defensive Coordinator?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, January 27, 2011
Almost immediately after news broke that Jeff Fisher would not be the Tennessee Titans head coach in 2011, speculation began that he could return to his roots in Philadelphia as the Eagles' defensive coordinator, where he held the same title under head coach Buddy Ryan from 1988-1990.

But almost as soon as those rumors could pick up steam, they were cut down by several media mouthpieces who came out and said there was no chance Fisher would go from being a head coach for 16 years to a coordinator.

And even if he would, there was no way the Eagles would "rent" a coordinator for a season before Fisher got another head coaching gig in 2012.

However, according to ESPN's John Clayton, that's exactly what is about to happen.

"Don't be surprised if (Fisher) emerges as a defensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles," Clayton said on SportsCenter. Clayton also added that head coach Andy Reid has called at least two other candidates for the job and told them the position has been filled.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's been filled by Fisher, but either way it's exciting news.

Of course, coming from Clayton, any good news must be approached with a cautious optimism. This is, after all, the same guy who told us the deal that would send Anquan Boldin to Philly was a done deal over and over for a few weeks a few years ago.

If there's even the slightest bit of news to this story, things are about to get a lot sunnier in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: According to Jeff McLane and Les Bowen, the Fisher-to-Philly rumors are untrue. Also untrue that Reid has told candidates position is filled. So basically, it looks like we're back to square one.

2 Response to "Jeff Fisher to Become Eagles Defensive Coordinator?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    The Eagles also said that McDermott was coming back. And that McNabb would be the starter last year. And that Kolb would be the starter last year.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Fisher is better than Reid. Fisher had 6 tough games a yr Reid had 1. Fisher was 3-0 against Reid. FIRE REID


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