Quick Reactions From Week Two Eagles-Lions Game

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vick was outstanding in his first start in four years.

-- Michael Vick was outstanding for the Eagles. It's that simple. He was running around and making plays behind the line of scrimmage, and even answered his critics by standing in the pocket and delivering a lot of big throws. In fact, both touchdowns he threw were from inside the pocket.

-- Sticking with Vick, his statline (21-34, 284 yards, 2 TDs) looks great but could have been a lot better. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Brent Celek, Riley Cooper, and Mike Bell all had at least one drop. If they all make those catches, Vick is 27-34 (79 completion percentage) for somewhere around 340 yards.

-- The interior of the offensive line is, let's say, a work in progress. I'm not a Todd Herremans fan to begin with, but with him hurt, Mike McGlynn still learning, and Nick Cole showing for the second week that he's not a starter, anyone playing quarterback will be hurting the next day.

-- I do believe the line will get better. McGlynn, I think, will have the same type of season Winston Justice had last year. Herremans will be better once he's 100 percent, and Reggie Wells will eventually put Cole on the bench. But for now...

-- Brandon Graham got his first career sack, and Nate Allen racked up his second career interception in just as many games. I'd say the 13th and 37th overall picks are on their way to successful NFL careers.

-- Jason Peters might be the most unlucky man on the planet. He got hit in the back of the legs not once, not twice, but three different times. He sucked it up and came back into the game every time, but still is not playing to his full potential.

-- Cut Mike Bell. He missed blocks, he dropped at least one easy pass, looked like he had no idea what he was doing, and most importantly he looked awful with the ball in his hands. Martell Mallett, at the very least, will give them more effort than Bell did.

-- LeSean McCoy had his first 100-yard game on only 16 carries. He was simply too fast for the Lions' defense and knifed them all day long. But, again, only 16 carries. That's ridiculous. The playcalling must be better, or it's time for someone to get fired.

-- Who the hell passes the ball to run out the clock besides the Eagles? They almost got Vick killed with the awful calls at the end of the game and, more importantly, almost gave the Lions the time they needed to win the game. If the ball is in McCoy's hands at the end, he can likely run out the clock and prevent all the late-game drama.

-- I'm not sure if there's a bandwagon to jump onto, but I want Sean McDermott gone. The guy calls plays afraid to get beat. Not blitzing Shaun Hill at the end of the game is absolutely inexcusable and it nearly cost them the game. I understand not wanting to rely on the blitz, but someone let him know it can be one hell of an effective weapon.

-- Where is all that speed and tackling ability Ernie Sims was supposed to have? He's been terrible now in back-to-back weeks.

-- Ellis Hobbs and Asante Samuel did a great job shutting down Calvin Johnson. He had a touchdown late, but those guys shut him down all game long.

-- What kind of bizarro world are we living in when Hobbs and a rookie both have more interceptions than Samuel? It seems like he's playing more of a consistent game within the scheme this year rather than trying to make the big play every time.

-- So far, Akeem Jordan has been the most solid linebacker on this team. Omar Gaither was not terrible against the Lions, but he did not look good. There might be a quarterback controversy with Kolb missing time, but there certainly isn't a middle linebacker controversy.

-- Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson were alright. Not great, not terrible, just decent. They have to play much better if this defense is going to stop anyone.

-- How about Juqua Parker racking up another sack? Personally I thought Trevor Laws should have gotten credit for half of that, but even still Parker has been lights out in two weeks.

-- Where was Trent Cole? He pressured Hill a few times, but overall had a down game. I'm not saying bench him or anything, but he, along with Patterson and Bunkley, must play better.

-- Quintin Mikell has not had a great start to this season. He gave up the late touchdown to Johnson and has disappeared for extended periods in both games. He was much better against the Lions than he was against the Packers, but that's not saying a whole lot.

-- Sav Rocca, if he keeps this up, should go to his first Pro Bowl. He's been outstanding.

-- Vick should be the starter. He proved that against the Lions. If that's not everyone's main reaction from Week 2, then I'm not sure we're watching the same games.

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