Looking at the Eagles' Inactive Players for Week 2

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tapp has been a huge disappointment for the Eagles.

Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley are inactive due to injury. But Clay Harbor, Jorrick Calvin, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Keenan Clayton, Austin Howard, and Darryl Tapp are all healthy scratches.

Since it's clear why Kolb and Bradley aren't active, lets take a look at what being scratched means for those other six guys today and moving forward into the season.

Clay Harbor

Harbor being inactive could mean a few things. It doesn't necessarily have to be a knock on him as much as it is a compliment to Garrett Mills, a tight end/fullback the Eagles signed off their practice squad this week.

Or, it could mean the Birds don't fully trust Owen Scmitt at fullback quite yet and figure that keeping Mills active would then make more sense than Harbor because Mills can slide back and play a fullback/H-back type of role.

Harbor is still a guy the team really likes, and it seems like he just got caught in a numbers crunch. But, moving forward, he is still very much in their plans and will get his fair share of time as they try to mold him the same way they molded Brent Celek.

Jorrick Calvin

I complained about Calvin being active last week because they did not use him to return kicks or punts and just kept him on the sideline anyway. This just shows that Ellis Hobbs and DeSean Jackson are definitely the returners, so Calvin isn't much help to them.

Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

This is incredibly disappointing. TO, as he's lovingly being called, was a third-round pick expected to take over the "Darren Howard" role right away. But, instead, he's now spent his first two games inactive.

Just watching him in Training Camp and the preseason made me a bit nervous, but there was still the hope that the kid would be able to turn it around and save his rookie season. At this point, however, it's looking like it's going to be a wash.

He wasn't able to get pressure from the edge or up the middle in preseason, so barring an injury he'll stay on the inactive list all year.

Keenan Clayton

Clayton was inactive last week as well, so he's not having a great start to his rookie campaign, either. But one name that was inactive with him last week, Jamar Chaney, is active. So what does that mean for Clayton? Quite simply, it means they trust Chaney more as an emergency backup and like him better on special teams.

Considering Clayton was a fourth-round pick and Chaney was a seventh-round pick, the Birds probably would have liked that to be the other way around.

The Eagles knew Clayton, who played a safety/linebacker hybrid role for Oklahoma, would be a project, so there's no reason to be alarmed yet. They still view him as a guy with a great future once he really learns how to play linebacker.

Austin Howard

As an undrafted free agent, next to nothing was expected out of Howard, anyway. So this is far from a big deal. Every week he stays on the roster is just another win of him.

All this shows is that Andy Reid still trusts King Dunlap just a little bit more should something happen to Jason Peters or Winston Justice. Smart money says that is only going to last through this season at the most.

Darryl Tapp

This is by far the most disappointing guy on the team. Tapp cost the Birds a fourth-round pick and defensive end Chris Clemons, and the guy can't even hit the field. Say what you will about Clemons, but at least he was active on game day.

But like TO, Tapp has not shown that he can consistently get the pressure the team wants and needs out of him. Hopefully he's still just learning the defense and getting his feet under him and will be able to turn things around, but if he can't this is going to go down as one of the worst trades Reid has made.

I wasn't a fan of the trade when it went down as I thought the team gave up way too much, so hopefully Tapp proves me wrong in the long run.

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