Quick Reactions From Week One Eagles-Packers Game

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Vick took full advantage of his time on the field.

-- Kevin Kolb looked lost. He looked lost throughout the preseason, and looked lost Sunday against the Packers. He was 5-10 for 24 yards and really could have had three interceptions. He showed no poise, no faith in himself, and in the end cost the Eagles a 1-0 start.

-- Michael Vick looked great. He threw the ball very well, even though he made some questionable decisions and had a couple balls thrown behind his receivers, but his biggest impact was clearly with his legs. He looked like the guy we saw in 2004 as he rushed for over 100 yards and evaded the Packers' defense several times, allowing himself to make big plays.

-- There is no replacing Leonard Weaver, but Mike McGlynn might be a fine replacement for Jamaal Jackson. He looked very good snapping the ball and making the line calls. The Birds will likely activate A.Q. Shipley as insurance, but I feel good about McGlynn as the guy.

-- I would have loved to see LeSean McCoy get more carries. I said in my previews write-up that I thought he'd get nine carries, and he wound up getting even loss. He had seven carries for 35 yards -- a 5-yard average -- and a touchdown. Hopefully he can see some more carries next week and really showcase his talents as a runner.

-- Mike Bell got the ball one time, ran for nine yards, had it called back on a penalty, and didn't see the field for the rest of the game. What in the hell is that about? Why is he on the roster if he's not going to get the ball?

-- Was it just me or did the receivers look uninterested? Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson each had a drop and looked lazy running their routes regardless of who was playing quarterback.

-- Brent Celek had a day to forget. He only had two catches and was absolutely terrible when he was asked to stay in as a blocker. If he would have gotten any push on Clay Matthews on that 4th-and-1 play, Vick probably falls forward for the first and the offense can at least continue their push at the endzone.

-- Special teams was just bad. The coverage team got spanked all day long and consistently gave the Packers a short field. Maybe it's about time Reid take an interest in special teams and keep guys like Kelley Washington and Tracy White around.

-- Why was Jorrick Calvin active? They didn't let him return a thing, and he obviously wasn't going to help on defense as he's only been on the team for a week. If he wasn't going to be the return man, it would have made more sense to activate a guy like Jamar Chaney or Keenan Clayton to help on the coverage team.

-- David Akers is still money. They need to keep him around as long as possible.

-- Overall, I thought the line played well. The sacks were mostly a result of holding onto the ball too long and there were usually good running lanes. The team still needs to find their final five and get some continuity going.

-- Nick Cole's individual play makes me believe Reggie Wells needs to get pushed into the starting lineup right away. He stopped his feet on several occasions and spent most of his time chasing tail a cardinal sin for a lineman.

-- Ernie Sims was flying around and at least gets an "A" for effort, but Sean McDermott and the defense will still need a lot more out of him. He's got to make the big plays and be the difference-maker they envisioned or he won't be in Philly past this season.

-- Juqua Parker's play has to keep the young kid on the bench for a little longer. Two sacks in one game cannot be ignored. The "old man" has earned more playing time.

-- Brodrick Bunkley was strong against the run and was even able to get a push into the backfield on passing plays, but Mike Patterson was awful. He got stood up almost every play and was disrupting the flow of his linebackers. He must be better or the defense will suffer greatly.

-- Trent Cole is good. Just in case you hadn't noticed.

-- Ellis Hobbs looks very slow. Whether it was on defense or returning kicks. It's time to see what Calvin can do as a return man, but they're stuck with him on defense. Hopefully he will get quicker as he gets more confidence as a starter.

-- Asante Samuel missed his chance for a pick and still can't tackle, but all things considered played a pretty good game.

-- Nate Allen has some learning to do, but his future is definitely very bright.

-- Stewart Bradley has been one hell of a disappointment. He wasn't any good in Training Camp, didn't do nearly enough in the preseason, and wasn't any good against the Packers even before the concussion. He looks slow to the ball and can't shed a blocker to save his life. He might have a future as a SAM (his natural position), but might not be the MIKE the Eagles want.

-- Outside of Vick, Sav Rocca was the best player on the field. A 47.6 average meant the Packers were constantly starting drives deep in their own zone. If he can keep this up throughout an entire season, he could prove to be the Birds' secret weapon.

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