Observations from Eagles' Training Camp: July 31st

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, July 31, 2010

First day of contact is the true start to Training Camp.

Note: Because of some technical difficulties, I was unable to post this in a timely manner.

It was the first day of contact, and there was plenty of it. These guys clearly were sick of running around in shorts and helmets and took out some frustrations on one another. There was a lot of good Saturday morning, but there was also some bad, especially for individual guys.

-- We were treated to the first fight of training camp as Riley Cooper and Ellis Hobbs duked it out today. Hobbs got a bit physical with Cooper off the line, and Cooper overreacted and actually started throwing punches.

Stewart Bradley interjected and blasted Cooper, knocking his helmet clean off. Cooper seems to have a bit of an attitude problem, but hopefully getting smacked up by Bradley after getting manhandled by Hobbs off the line will humble him a little bit.

-- Michael Vick looked very good. He was hitting his guys in stride and putting the ball where only they would have a chance at it. He did have one time when he tried to force the ball and it got knocked away by Hobbs, but that was it.

He looked comfortable throwing in any situation. He was under center, in the shotgun, in the pocket, and rolling out but his accuracy was spot on all day. If he keeps this up through camp and the preseason, he just might have other teams thinking he can start for them.

-- Macho Harris was awful this morning. It didn't matter who he was covering, he always got beat. I couldn't place exactly what his problem was. He wasn't getting beaten badly, but it seemed like his guy always made the catch.

He played corner at Virginia Tech, so there's not the same "new position" excuse. He has got to get things together quickly or he could get surpassed by a guy like Dimitri Patterson.

-- Stewart Bradley looks fantastic. As long as he can stay away from any new injuries, he should have a great 2010 season.

At one point in seven-on-seven, Bradley was man up with Brent Celek. Celek came across the middle, and Kevin Kolb held onto the ball for about eight seconds (which he can do since there's no line). Even after all that time, he tried to throw to Celek and Bradley reached in with a hand to knock the ball away.

-- Austin Howard has pushed King Dunlap to backup right tackle. I'm not sure who this Howard guy is, but he's an absolute mammoth and could be a legitimate threat to Dunlap's roster spot.

-- While Kolb and Vick both looked very good with the pads on, they looked terrible in shorts in the afternoon practice. The slightest rush had both guys just throwing the ball anywhere, and it actually led to two picks by Vick.

I'm not sure what the problem was for those guys, but it didn't look good.

-- Jared Perry lasted a whole one practice. One. He was then cut and replaced with Kelley Washington. Washington is mainly a special teams guy, but he can contribute a little (and I mean very little) as a receiver. It should be interesting to see what they do with him.

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