Time for DeSean Jackson to Stop Talking to the Media

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, May 09, 2010

For your own sake, DeSean, step away from the mic.

If there's one constant amongst the mainstream Philly media, and even, to a certain degree, the national media, it's that they love to have one guy they constantly berate and use as a scapegoat.

For the past 11 years it was Donovan McNabb, and now, unless he learns how to shut up, DeSean Jackson could be next in line.

It seems like every other day there is some new quote of his that's being twisted into "I'm happy McNabb is gone and am in love with Kevin Kolb," even though that's not the case. For example, the newest issue of SportingNews magazine has a picture of Jackson on the front cover and reads:

"Missing McNabb? Eagles TD-Maker DeSean Jackson Says: 'I don't think we lost anything.'"

Yes, that's what he said, but it's clearly an attempt by whomever put this issue together to have people believe that Jackson is attacking McNabb. That is what will sell magazines -- not a guy simply saying that he's excited about what the team has moving forward rather than looking back at what could have been.

In the interview with the magazine, Jackson alludes to the fact that his words are already being twisted, but for some reason he just keeps talking.

"I have to watch what I do on and off the field all the time," Jackson said, "watch what I say. Like as you see with saying 'time for a change' -- people can twist your words up and make it more than you meant. I'm not that type of person, I'm never really saying anything negative toward anybody. I wouldn't like anybody saying anything negative about me."

Jackson is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, so you think he'd know better. But rather than simply shutting up and not giving the media any ammo, it seems like he jumps at the chance to get in front of the microphone or sit down for any interview that comes his way.

But if he doesn't stop soon, he's going to become the new scapegoat in Philly. Kolb is apparently already a fan-favorite for some inexplicable reason (considering McNabb was all-but run out of town after what he'd accomplished, while Kolb has accomplished nothing to date), so the focus will go to the guy willing to put the focus on himself first, and that's Jackson.

Philly needs a pariah, and once Jackson hits a cold-spell for a few weeks, it will be him.

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