John Henderson Unlikely to Become an Eagle

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, May 08, 2010

Henderson doesn't appear likely wind up in Philly.

All across the blogosphere there seems to be rumors of John Henderson finding his way to Philadelphia and entering the rotation at defensive tackle with Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson.

However, it's highly unlikely Henderson even gets a sniff from the Eagles much less a visit, a contract, and playing time. It's not even necessarily a knock on Henderson -- a guy who has been to a couple Pro Bowls and was once considered a premier defensive tackle -- as much as it is a testament to how the Birds feel about the guys they've got.

It's obvious why they like what they have in Bunkley and Patterson. Both guys have been very good run-stuffers and, perhaps with any sort of pass-rush from the left side and a solid linebacking corps behind them, they can finally elevate their game to the next level.

Trevor Laws was a second-round pick a couple years ago (and in fact was taken two spots before DeSean Jackson), and the Eagles refuse to give up on him just yet. They believe he can be the inside pass-rush they've been looking for, and will give him at least one more year to make an impact before moving on.

But the biggest reason why Henderson won't wind up in Philly is Antonio Dixon. Dixon was the forgotten man a lot last year, but he always seemed to be making plays when they needed him to. Whether it was getting a pass-rush or playing the run, Dixon was impressive in his rookie season and looks to see an extended role in 2010.

Right now he's the third tackle and the Birds have a lot of faith that he can turn into a playmaker one day; They have so much faith, in fact, that they're going to ignore the urge to go out and sign a guy like Henderson who has been so dominant in the past.

Patterson, Bunkley, Dixon, and Laws will probably be the four defensive tackles, so there's really no room for Henderson. He doesn't fit the youth movement taking place, and he would certainly want far more money than the Eagles would ever be willing to pay him.

They might kick around the idea of bringing in Henderson if one of those four were to get injured, but even then the spot would most likely go to Jeff Owens, a seventh-round pick out of Georgia.

Either way, it doesn't look like there's going to be a scenario that ends with Henderson in Philly.

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