Eagles Move Macho Harris to Push Ellis Hobbs

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, May 20, 2010

Macho should have a smooth transition to corner.

It happened a year too late, but the Eagles finally realized their mistake and have moved Macho Harris back to cornerback. And more specifically, they've moved him to right cornerback, where he is seeing significant playing time during mini-camp.

Macho started several games at free safety last season, and was penciled in as the starter heading into mini-camp, but it was obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that Harris is not a safety and is clearly a natural corner.

But the interesting part of this is that he's seeing time at right cornerback -- the position vacated by Sheldon Brown and currently being filled by Ellis Hobbs. The move could signal that the Birds aren't as sold on Hobbs as they'd like everyone to think.

Hobbs was the guy across from Asante Samuel in 2007 with New England when the Patriots went undefeated in the regular season before being defeated in the Super Bowl, but that was in a completely different system.

With New England, Hobbs was able to play the zone and simply react whereas in Sean McDermott's system he'll be asked to play man and press his receiver. His height (5'8") will make that very difficult.

Harris, on the other hand, is 5'11" and better suited to be the type of corner McDermott wants for his system. However, Harris will have to show that he's capable of sticking with the speedier receivers as he was consistently burnt at safety.

That, however, could also simply have been a case of his ignorance not allowing him to be in the proper position rather than a lack of physical ability.

In other Eagles news, it appears as though the Eagles' interest in former Houston Texans offensive lineman Chester Pitts is minimal. He said recently the Birds told him they'd have a spot for him on the roster, but sources within the organization are saying it's exploratory more than anything.

Shawn Springs will also not be joining the team anytime soon, contrary to ESPN and Boston Globe reports. The Eagles were interested last season, but that was only if he would accept a move to free safety. That's no longer an option the Eagles have to explore after drafting Nate Allen and signing Marlin Jackson.

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