Reactions on Eagles' Picks in Rounds Four and Five

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ricky Sapp could be the very best value in this draft.

After taking one guy per round in the first, second, and third, the Eagles have since made six picks in the fourth and fifth rounds. Of those picks, half has been offense and half has been defense.

In all, the Eagles have drafted six defensive players heading into the sixth and seveth rounds. They still need a running back (fingers crossed for LeGarrette Blount), could use a punter, and will probably take an offense lineman.

I mean, it just wouldn't be an Andy Reid draft without taking a flier on a BYU offensive lineman in the late rounds. And with two compensatory picks (back-to-back) the Eagles cannot trade anyway, expect at least one of them to be an offensive lineman.

But, anyway, let's take a look at the six guys the Eagles have added in the fourth and fifth rounds.

Round 4 (pick 105): Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

Lindley is only 5'11, 185 pounds, so lack of size could be an issue. He was regarded as a top-flight talent before injuries hampered his performance last season and really hurt his draft stock.

He's a guy who will get burnt every once in a while because he goes for the big play, but he will also get that big play and make the most of it. That just happens to sound like another cornerback the Eagles have, doesn't it?

However, unlike that other cornerback, Lindley seems willing to tackle. The problem is that Lindley's size makes it difficult for him to tackle consistently without hurting himself. He could stand to be a bit taller, but 5'11 is tall enough. He will have to get in the weight room and add some muscle if he doesn't want to be the next Lito Sheppard -- a lot of talent on the sideline.

Round 4 (pick 121): Keenan Clayton, LB, Oklahoma

Clayton, at only 6'0, 230 pounds, is a guy without a position. He probably fits best at the WILL position, but he's also a guy who the Sooners tried out at strong safety because he doesn't seem to have the strength needed to play linebacker.

The Eagles will probably try to use him as a linebacker, but he could be a project and give them a few headaches trying to find a place for him. Reid did, however, say that Clayton is the guy he's most excited to see in offseason workouts.

Round 4 (pick 122): Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern

I thought the Eagles were going to target John Skelton, but once again the Eagles show that the amount of time they spend with a player means nothing. They watched Skelton throw and met with him three or four times, but passed on him for Kafka. They spent 15 minutes to Brandon Graham, but traded up for him in the first round.

Kafka comes in as the third-string quarterback behind Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, but looks to become the backup next season once Vick is allowed to walk.

Coach Reid has made it clear that there is no open competition for the starting spot, so I don't really understand taking a quarterback this high.

Round 4 (pick 125): Clay Harbor, TE, Missouri State

I honestly don't know a whole lot about Harbor except that he was a guy who stood out at the Combine and made a real impression with great hands. He'll come in as the backup to Brent Celek and, at 6'3, could be a guy used a lot in the redzone.

The biggest thing the drafting of Harbor is the prospect of Cornelius Ingram, a fifth-round pick last season, moving to wide receiver. He's got the ability and the hands to play the slot and contribute in the redzone, and Harbor's presence could allow that to happen.

Round 5 (pick 134): Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson

At 6'4, 250 pounds, Sapp will not be playing defensive end for the Eagles. They drafted two defensive ends before him, and currently have six on the roster, so moving Sapp to compete at SAM makes too much sense to ignore.

Currently, the only guys battling for that spot are Alex Hall and Moise Fokou, so adding a guy who could have been a first-round pick in the fifth to compete with them is a win-win situation for the Birds.

I'll even go out on a limb and say I believe Sapp could win the job if/when the position move is made.

Round 5 (pick 159): Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

Cooper is 6'4 and a great special teams player, so taking him in the fifth round should turn out to be a real steal. He's going to take time to develop as a wide receiver, but should be able to dive right in to Bobby April's special teams and make an instant impact.

A pure special teams player is something the Eagles need now that it looks like Tracy White will be allowed to walk, so this looks to be a good pick for the Birds.

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