Eagles Could Target Forham Quarterback John Skelton

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skelton could be the Eagles' fourth-round selection.

John Skelton, quarterback out of Fordham, was a guy the Eagles spent a lot of time with during the offseason. They were studying this guy intently, as was the rest of the league, and could make him their first fourth-round pick.

I'm not condoning the pick, but that's what they could do. They've surprised us with quarterbacks before, so there's no reason to think this draft would be any different. But for me, this would be a wasted pick. They have so many holes to fill, which they've partly done through the first three rounds, and they can't afford to waste picks on a backup quarterback.

Unless they're going to let Skelton come in and compete with Kevin Kolb, then drafting him in the fourth round makes little sense.

Andy Reid and company, though continuously trading down yesterday, have four picks in this fourth round, two in the fifth round, one in the sixth round, and two compensatory picks in the seventh round, so they may feel as though they can address their needs with those picks.

Skelton appears as though he could be a good quarterback one day, but if they believe Kolb is the future, then we'll never get to see it anyway.

They'd be better off focusing on a linebacker, running back, cornerback, or defensive tackle in the fourth and fifth rounds, then drafting a guy like Zac Robinson out of Oklahoma State in the sixth or seventh-round to be Kolb's backup.

The Eagles figure to be big-time players in these final four rounds, and could even trade some of these picks for a veteran guy as they did last season with Ellis Hobbs. Stay tuned.

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