Eagles Making a Mistake Keeping Michael Vick?

Written By Derek Peiffer On Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vick would be another welcome weapon in 2010.

I have been surfing around the internet lately, and a lot of what I have been reading is that the interest for Michael Vick is non-existent and that Andy Reid would be stupid to keep him on the roster for 2010.

I think these two statements are ludicrous. Michael Vick has proven to be an asset for this Eagles team, and that is exactly how Andy Reid and company view him. In fact, the Eagles view all their players in such a manner.

Vick has stated numerous times that he would like to be a starter again next season for an NFL team, and the Eagles, in turn, view him as a starting quality quarterback and will seek due compensation for him. The rest of the NFL, however, may not see him as a starting quarterback and do not want to give up that kind of compensation for him.

It's no secret that Vick was not used as a traditional quarterback for the Eagles in 2009, but rather as a gadget player in certain situations, and on short yardage plays. He was a key in the success that the Eagles saw in the short yardage game that has plagued them for years, but has this ruined his worth around the league?

If a team is going to take a chance on Vick as a starter, they are going to want tape that will prove that he will be a quality starter in this league. The fact that Vick was out of football for two years added onto him not being used as a traditional quarterback, may have lowered his trade value.

With Jason La Canfora revealing yesterday that the Eagles were looking for two first round picks for Kevin Kolb, and a first rounder for Donovan McNabb, the Eagles are sending the message that they will not simply give up their quarterbacks just because they have great depth at the position.

Even though La Canfora did not directly report what the Eagles wanted in return for Vick, they probably will not accept less than a third round pick. Teams will continue to be hesitant to give up that high of a pick for an unknown, but the Eagles will not budge from their stance.

Vick was an asset for the Eagles last year, and he will be even more of an asset for the team this year should he make it through the off-season still on the roster. Andy Reid knows what he has, and he will not trade Vick just to trade him.

He knows what Vick can do on the field, and with another year and off-season under his belt, Vick could will make an even bigger impact next season.

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