Updating the Eagles Search for a Defensive Coordinator

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, January 19, 2011
With Jim Washburn in place as the defensive line coach, the only vacancy left on the Philadelphia Eagles' coaching staff is defensive coordinator.

Eagles current secondary coach Dick Jauron interviewed with the Cleveland Browns and looks likely to land there with new head coach Pat Shurmur.

The other big name mentioned in connection with the job, Jim Mora, Jr., was expected to land with the Denver Broncos but recently left Denver without signing a contract.

That had some in Philly thinking he was on his way to becoming Sean McDermott's successor, but now it's looking like the younger Mora won't be heading anywhere except back to the NFL Network set.

"Just got a call from Jim Mora Jr.," FOX's Jay Glazer tweeted, "who said he's decided to take his name out of Denver & Philly jobs, didn't think they're right fit right now. [Mora] still wants to coach but wanted to take another year off before returning."

So we can scratch Mora off the list. Jauron is all but off the list, but he seemed like a fall-back option for the team anyway. Had they really wanted him to be the defensive coordinator, he would have been promoted shortly after McDermott was fired.

But as names get crossed off the list, others continue to pop up.

Former Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator and current Green Bay Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac has emerged as a guy who makes a lot of sense. He was the defensive line coach under Ray Rhodes, so he has a relationship with Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner. He was also responsible for shutting down the Eagles offense in the 2003 NFC Championship game.

Trgovac could not be interviewed until after the Packers' season is over, so that could explain the slow pace of the search.

Another name brought up, but admittedly a long-shot, is Packers outside linebackers coach and former Steelers great Kevin Greene. Like Trgovac, Greene could not be interviewed until after the Packers' season is over, but since he's never held a spot higher than his current one, it's unlikely head coach Andy Reid would take a chance on him.

Since the team is reportedly interested in a guy with a background as a coordinator rather than a promising positional coach, my money is on Trgovac and then Jauron should all else fail.

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