Schefter: McNabb Trade Talk Just "Rumor Mongering"

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Nothing but good old-fashioned rumor mongering."

Well, folks, it's official.

There is absolutely nothing going on between the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams, according to a source of my own. And my source is much more reliable than that of Mike Missanelli's or Jeff McLane's, a source which led them down a road of wild speculation and that ended in a huge hit to their credibility.

Okay, so my source isn't a true source like Deep Throat -- it's Adam Schefter and his Twitter feed. It's a great source to have, by the way.

In response to a question from someone else out in the Twitterverse as to the validity of the talks between the Eagles and Rams for Donovan McNabb's services, Schefter called it "nothing but good old fashioned rumor mongering."

Schefter has been accused of his fair share of rumor mongering, but nine times out of 10 the man is spot on with anything he says. Multiple other sources, including Rams' GM Billy Devaney, have shot down this story as well, but with Schefter publicly shooting it down, it's certainly now safe to assume that there is nothing happening between the two teams.

And really, if we all thought for a little while, it just didn't make sense from the get-go. Why would the Eagles accept less than their asking price when they have absolutely no reason to do so? Why would the Rams trade for McNabb when they're clearly very high on Bradford, and why in the world would McNabb sign an extension with such a god-awful team?

The only way McNabb gets traded is if the Eagles take the chance and trade him to a contender, because that's the only way he's signing an extension. And the only way the Eagles trade him to a contender is if they get more than their asking price.

So unless the Arizona Cardinals or Minnesota Vikings are willing to part with a first-round pick, McNabb will be an Eagle in 2010.

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