Donovan McNabb Will Not Become an Oakland Raider

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey look, two guys who don't want to be in Oakland.

Since the talks of Donovan McNabb-to-St. Louis have been shot down, more crazy rumors are now beginning to make their way around the blogosphere regarding McNabb's future with the Eagles.

And apparently, the Raiders are the likeliest team to land McNabb -- if you listen to the crazy rantings of the same people who believed McNabb was on his way to St. Louis. As if their credibility wasn't hurt enough, they're now throwing their names behind this far-fetched (at best) rumor.

But Mike Florio over at takes the cake with his report of what he believes a trade between the Raiders and Eagles might entail. He says, according to a "tipster" of his, that the Eagles would send McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel to Oakland in exchange for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

And that's it. There are apparently no picks involved in this scenario and absolutely no source to back it. To be fair, Florio says that this is only the workings of this "tipster" and that it's not a true source, but then why in the hell would you publish it?

It makes absolutely no sense for the Eagles to give the Raiders a franchise quarterback and a top-five corner in exchange for Asomugha. Asomugha is arguably the best corner in the league (Darelle Revis may take exception), but there is never, has never, and never will be, a corner worth nearly $17 million in one season.

That $17 million number, by the way, just happens to be what Asomugha will make in 2010.

Perhaps if the Raiders throw in a third-round pick and would take Sheldon Brown instead of Samuel, they might have something that piques the Birds' interest. But this deal, as presented, is nothing more than the crazy ramblings of a man who has gained the trust of an even crazier man who, by some deal struck with the devil, has a forum to display his own crazy ramblings.

This is also ignoring the fact that McNabb would never sign an extension with Oakland. It's funny how these so-called experts used that fact to back up their belief that he'd get traded to St. Louis, but now that it has fallen through, they want us to believe that McNabb actually would sign an extension with Oakland.

Do they think we're that stupid? Do they think you're that stupid? Well, the short answer is yes; The long answer is another rant for another day.

I've maintained that I do not believe McNabb will be traded, and that if he is, it will be for nothing less than a first-round pick or a player the Eagles believe is of equal value.

It doesn't look like the market for McNabb is that high, for one reason or another, and any team even thinking about forking over a first-round pick is a franchise so poor that McNabb wants absolutely nothing to do with them.

So no, I do not believe McNabb will become an Oakland Raider. That is, unless they're willing to, for the second year in a row, give up a first-round pick for a player who has absolutely no desire to play for them and then simply hold him hostage with the franchise tag.

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