McNabb Thinks Michael Vick Will Be a Starter in 2010

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, February 05, 2010

McNabb hated Vick so much he just couldn't stand it.

Last night on SportsCenter's Super Bowl coverage, Donovan McNabb came on as a special co-host with Steve Young. He was inevitably asked about his future, to which he said he would definitely be back, and was also asked about Michael Vick's future.

"I just hope he has an opportunity to be a starter for another team," McNabb said. "I think he definitely deserves that, and he has done a great job of getting himself together and preparing himself for this opportunity. And I think he is going to flourish."

Evan Silva, of, of course thinks that this is just a ploy by McNabb to try and push Vick out of Philadelphia, saying that it's "pretty much common knowledge that McNabb felt threatened by Vick's signing."

It's obviously complete and total nonsense. Vick, while I believe he can be a quality starter, has never even been close to McNabb's level even in his prime. McNabb has been the superior quarterback since day one and I'm sure felt absolutely no threat when Vick was signed.

We're all just going to conveniently forget that McNabb lobbied to bring Vick in. He is apparently a masochist who loves the pain of having to look over his shoulder at a quarterback who he believes can take his job.

I wonder if these people actually believe the nonsense they write or if they're really just super-geniuses who write only with the intention of sparking up intense feelings of a passionate fanbase like the Eagles.

Either way, I share McNabb's sentiments and believe Vick will be a starter somewhere. We certainly didn't see enough out of him with the Eagles to determine if he'll be successful or not, but it will certainly be exciting to see him under center full time once again.

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