Eagles Work Out CFL Standout Ricky Foley

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, February 05, 2010

Ricky Foley could be the last BC Lion-turned-Eagle.

When Cameron Wake left the CFL's BC Lions last season to become a member of the Miami Dolphins, Ricky Foley stepped in and took his place. In his first season taking over for Wake, Foley racked up a league-leading 12 sacks and now has his sights set on the NFL as well.

Adam Caplan of Scouts.com reports that the Eagles worked out Foley on Thursday.

Whether or not he has the speed to play in the NFL is yet to be determined, but Caplan believes that Foley has what it takes to play in the NFL.

"Foley is seen by personnel evaluators as an undersized edge rusher with decent speed, but has a good motor," Caplan wrote. "A source said his skills are a bit raw, but has enough talent to play in the NFL."

Foley was the fourth overall selection in the CFL draft back in 2006 and this past season has earned the CFL's "Most Outstanding Canadian" award, which is awarded to the league's best Canadian-born player.

Foley is drawing some real interest around the league other than the Eagles. The Packers, Rams, Jets, and Patriots have also worked out the CFL standout, but none have offered him a contract as far as we know.

Foley was in the NFL a couple years ago with the Baltimore Ravens, but didn't appear in any games and was never active.

Reid likes to take on projects like this, as evidenced by his picked of Martell Mallett, also of the BC Lions. If Sean McDermott feels like he can work with Foley then it's certainly possible that Foley is an Eagle by the end of the day.

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