Garry Cobb Sticks By Report of Kevin Kolb Extension

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's get Kolb on line one so we can figure this out.

Yesterday, Garry Cobb of reported that the Eagles had offered a contract extension to Kevin Kolb. Only a few hours later, the blogosphere went crazy tearing Cobb apart for a report that other sources called "ridiculously false" and "completely 100 percent false."

Today, however, Cobb is sticking by his report saying, via his website, "I stand by my report that the Eagles talked to Kevin Kolb about a contract extension. I said all I wanted to say about it yesterday ... I don't have anything to add to it."

And with Cobb sticking by his report, others are seemingly backing off of their harsh criticisms of the former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker.

Geoff Mosher, one of the first to refute the article with a source of his own, said via his twitter that "report could be smoke screen designed to make sure neither side ruffles the feathers as the team could be looking to maintain leverage for McNabb trade."

What Mosher is saying would certainly make sense. It's in the Eagles' best interest to deny all reports, try to rip credibility from Cobb, and still continue with the illusion that the team is steadfast in its support of Donovan McNabb.

I'm of course just playing devil's advocate in this case as my personal belief is that the Eagles will not trade McNabb. However, that doesn't automatically make Cobb's report untrue. I said a few months ago that it would not be surprising for the Eagles to try and resign Kolb to a modest deal by telling him that he'll eventually get the chance to start here.

It doesn't mean it will be this season, or even the season after that, but just telling him that the opportunity will eventually be there could be enough to get him to resign.

Only time will tell if Cobb's source is right and if others are just getting bogus reports from within the Eagles organization, and that time is probably a long ways away, but it certainly adds another level of intrigue to an already circus-like offseason for the Eagles.

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