Eagles Offer Kevin Kolb Contract Extension?

Written By Bob Cunningham On Friday, February 12, 2010

Is the Kevin Kolb era set to start in Philly right now?

Garry Cobb of GCobb.com is reporting that a league source has told him that the Eagles have approached backup quarterback Kevin Kolb with a contract extension. Cobb is saying that the young backup has been told by people in the organization that he would become the starter either this season or the next.

This could mean that the Eagles are ready to accept an offer for Donovan McNabb and move on with Kolb at the helm of this young, explosive offense.

But don't get too excited, McNabb-haters. Multiple sources are refuting the story. I'm not sure if Cobb has a bad source, or if this source just missed the mark this time, but guys like Adam Caplan and Jeff McLane are saying that their sources are calling this "completely 100 percent false."

If you're a frequent visitor you know I have a professional relationship with Mr. Cobb, and am not exactly a fan of Mr. McLane, but it's tough to think that Cobb's source has something that everyone else just doesn't know about -- especially when McLane's source is so adamant to the contrary.

As I've said numerous times, I think McNabb and Andy Reid are tied at the hip. They will both win a Super Bowl here in Philadelphia, or they'll both do it elsewhere. Reid has poured his entire reputation as a coach into McNabb, so I think he's going to allow him the opportunity to win a championship here until McNabb is literally on his last leg.

If the Eagles wanted to get rid of McNabb, they would have fired Reid instead of extending him.

Kolb should be traded to an AFC team and given the opportunity to start elsewhere. He's got a strong arm and is fairly accurate, but his decision-making could still use a lot of work and he's always going to need an elite offensive line in front of him.

A team like the Denver Broncos would make a lot of sense, but they're refuting reports that they're even in the market for a quarterback. I'm a fan of Kyle Orton, but he's not going to win you any Super Bowls.

Either way, this story looks like it's a bust. Unless McNabb is traded, I don't see Kolb accepting an extension anyway. He wants a chance to start, and will walk in free agency if that's what he has to do.

Which is all the more reason to move the guy now. Get what you can out of Kolb, sign a veteran backup, and re-up a few more seasons with McNabb.

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