Let's Hope Andy Reid Is Watching the Pro Bowl

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, January 31, 2010

He doesn't have to pass the ball, just catch a few screens.

If he didn't watch it tonight, someone needs to get this film to Andy Reid as soon as humanly possible. The first thing he needs to be shown is Donovan McNabb's hook-up with DeSean Jackson on a wide receiver screen, which he then turned into a 58-yard touchdown for his second touchdown of the night.

It's a play that Reid does not run nearly enough, even though he's got two of the fastest receivers in the NFL in Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

He'll run screens with every running back on his roster, he'll run screens with Brent Celek, but he doesn't seem to like running screens with his wide receivers -- more specifically, DeSean Jackson.

DeSean is a guy who makes plays with the ball in his hands. He can take a slant 60 yards into the endzone, he can run past the secondary and catch the ball 60 yards down the field, so why wouldn't Reid trust him to take a screen 60 yards the way he did tonight in the Pro Bowl?

Really, there's not a whole lot to say about this except that not running the screen with Jackson should be some sort of crime. He is the prototype for that play, and not using him to run it is an awful over-looking on Reid's part.

Reid is usually very good at realizing his players' maximum potential, but in this case he has simply missed what could be a huge piece of Jackson's game.

So, in short, Andy, give DeSean the ball on those screens a whole lot more often. If you need a reason why, you've got at least two after this season's Pro Bowl.

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