Eagles Will Probably Allow Sean Jones to Walk

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sean Jones will most likely not be an Eagle in 2010.

It's not a move that I would make were it up to me, and it's certainly not a move that I will endorse, but I believe that the Eagles will allow free safety Sean Jones to leave via free agency.

With two of Reid's draft picks, Quintin Demps and Macho Harris, both vying for the job of free safety, and with guys like O.J. Atogwe hitting the free agent market, I just can't see the Eagles' front office seeing Jones as a priority.

He didn't play all that well in '09, so it's hard to fault them, but I have been and continue to be a firm believer that, with an offseason as the starter, Jones can be a very good, borderline elite, free safety.

He showed that he had the ability in Cleveland with the Browns' awful defense, so coming over to a top five unit and failing as he did was a peculiar site. The word around the team is that Jones just could not seem to grasp Sean McDermott's system quickly enough, which would explain why he didn't start until the middle of the season.

There were still times, however, when Jones appeared to be a bit lost and out of position. But his athleticism still allowed him to make some plays throughout the season, including what should have been an interception against the Cowboys in the Wild Card round of this season's playoffs.

He was only here on a one-year deal, so he probably had to do more than what he did in order to earn a second contract from the Eagles. Leonard Weaver did three times what Jones did, and I'm still a bit worried that the Eagles could get outbid by another team and lose him this offseason.

I'm not guaranteeing that Jones will be allowed to walk. It's entirely possible that the Birds realize that Demps is not a starter and that Harris still has a year or two before he's ready to step into that role (although he will eventually be ready for that role), and give Jones a very cap-friendly deal for about two years.

I give it a 35 percent chance that Jones is back next season.

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