Eagles Promote WR Jordan Norward; Cut CB Robinson

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pictures of Jordan Norwood are few and far between.

In a move making it more likely that DeSean Jackson will not be playing this Sunday, the Eagles have promoted rookie receiver Jordan Norwood from the practice squad to the 53-man roster.

To make room for Norwood on the active roster, the Eagles released cornerback Ramzee Robinson.

Now that we've got the whole press release part of this out of the way, allow me to ask a question of the Eagles. Why would you release a guy who has seen time on defense and has played fairly well on special teams instead of a guy like P.J. Hill or Geoffrey Pope?

Do they really believe that Hill or Pope will 1) will actually contribute this season or 2) be picked up by anyone if they were to be released? We heard a lot about the "54-man roster" trick this offseason, so why not pull it one more time for one more week before Norwood heads back to the practice squad?

And even more than I would have liked to see Hill or Pope go over Robinson, I would have been all in favor of tossing Kevin Curtis on the IR. End his season and keep someone who could contribute to your team rather than someone who isn't even at the facility.

Curtis is not going to be a factor this season. Even if he comes back, I'll expect about as much out of him as I expect out of Norwood this Sunday. He's got no place on this team or in this receiving core.

He's most suited for the slot, but there's no way you pull Jason Avant out of that role. Then the roles of split-end and flanker are reserved for Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Yes, DeSean is (most likely) out this week, but he'll be back.

He far too expensive to keep around as your fourth receiver, which at this point, I'm not sure I want him on the field over Reggie Brown. Bottom line, and perhaps it's a digression, but it's time to say goodbye to Curtis. He was good in 2007 for us, but since then he's been nothing but injury after injury and it's time to move on.

Hopefully we find something good in Norwood so we have our group of guys in place for next year, but for this year it's time to put Curtis on the IR and get back on the phone with Robinson. He hadn't contributed a lot, but he was obviously a guy will to do what was asked and -- especially on a struggling special teams unit -- that's invaluable.

Congratulations Norwood and sorry Robinson, you've been hosed so we can hold out hope for a player who hasn't been healthy in two years.

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