Brent Celek Signs Six-Year Extension Through 2016

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Celek's got his deal, but D-Jack's won't be so easy.

First it was Winston Justice, now it's the young tight end Brent Celek. Justice signed a four-year extension last week and Celek was next in line with a six-year extension this week.

Even coming off a poor game was not enough to deter the front office from ensuring that this kid would spend a good chunk of his career as a Philadelphia Eagle. He's a former fifth-round pick out of Cincinnati (sounds like another good player the Birds have) who came in with very little expectations, but has quickly become one of the best young tight ends in the league.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and with the Eagles, we probably won't know the numbers for quite some time. In fact, we're all still wondering about the numbers for Justice.

Some other players who need resigned, Jason Avant, Leonard Weaver, Sean Jones, and Brodrick Bunkley, have not seen their contracts get reworked and, as far as I know, are not even in talks.

Chris Gocong's contract is also coming to an end soon, but I'm not so sure about resigning him. He's been a pretty decent player during his time here, but it seems like he hasn't gotten any better since day one.

He came in as an average linebacker, and hasn't seemed to get any better since.

The Birds seemed to be trying to lock up young players to long-term deals and below market value, so expect to see a couple others get reworked in the next few weeks and before the season is over.

It's a trick the Eagles have been pulling since this front office was assembled, and it wouldn't be a surprise to have a few unhappy, underpaid players in the next few seasons.

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