Eagles Extent Andy Reid Through 2013; McNabb Next

Written By Bob Cunningham On Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Andy Reid is the man in Philly until at least 2013.

In a move that's been expected since the beginning of the season, the Eagles signed head coach Andy Reid to a three-year extension through 2013. It's a good move for a fairly young Eagles team looking to make a push for greatness soon -- perhaps even this season.

Signing Reid also allows him to make the decision for who will be the Eagles quarterback after 2010. Currently all three quarterbacks on the roster are only signed through 2010, and anyone Reid wants to bring back will most likely receive an extension this offseason.

And barring a late-season collapse, it will be Donovan McNabb.

Reid has a connection to both quarterbacks, obviously, since he drafted both of them. However, there's a difference between drafting a guy second overall, and drafting a guy in the second round.

The Eagles organization, including Reid, understands that McNabb is not only the best quarterback to ever put on Eagles green, but by the end of his career could be one of the very best to ever play in the NFL.

And in addition, Reid is the very best coach the Eagles have ever had, and could very well one day have a bust of his own in the Hall of Fame. All it will take is for these two to win a Super Bowl together before they're ensured a trip to the Hall together.

Many fans may not like this move, but it's the right move. Reid has always given this team the best chance to win, and that's still the case today. McNabb is his guy, and he has always given this team the best chance to win, so that's how it will stay given that the decision is now definitely in Reid's hands.

Reid has done an excellent job of drafting over the past few seasons, and that drafting success will lead to the Eagles being Super Bowl contenders not only this season, but for many seasons after this.

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