Eagles Excitement Is Back in Philadelphia

Written By chris klinkner On Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eagles' cheerleaders? Yeah, why not? Merry Christmas.

The combination of the upcoming new year and Michael Vick being named Eagles' Ed Block Courage Award recipient got this fan thinking. Please hear me out on this one...

The new year means people making silly new year's resolutions. Michael Vick receiving an award for courage surely means that there will be some resurfacing of public outcry and disgust.

Think back to when the Eagles signed Vick this off-season. Remember the countless fans swearing that they were done with the Eagles. No more supporting the home team, no more watching or attending the games, and no more purchasing Eagles merchandise. Their allegiance to the green was broken and gone forever!

And if Vick wasn't enough to turn off the fan then the non-trade for Boldin was the final straw. How dare the Eagles go into another season without a game breaker, play maker at the WR position!

Fast forward to the present. The Eagles stand at 10-4 and guaranteed a playoff spot. The team is also on the verge of a possible division title and NFC #2 seed. Eagles excitement is back in Philadelphia. And when the playoffs roll around the excitement will only go up a few thousand levels.

So I ask (and I have definitely been wrong before), how many of those fans that flexed some off-season Eagles-hating muscles have crumbled? How many of you are as passionate as past seasons? From web comments and radio show calls, it seems like there are a lot of liars out there. You all still bleed the green like the rest of us.

What Vick did off-the-field will always be wrong, but we Philadelphians love our Iggles too much to stay mad at them forever. It's great that Eagles excitement / mania is again filling the city. Here's to a holiday season and new year ending with a trip down Broad Street.

(And to my other point: anyone missing Boldin now?!?)

Happy Holidays to All!
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