Time for Eagles to Punt On Rocca

Written By chris klinkner On Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No, Rocca. Big thumbs down for you. Two, in fact.

The whole Rugby player turned American Football player was cool for year one and maybe year two. Unfortunately the act is growing old quick. Honestly, when Rocca lines up for a punt I feel that the receiving team has 12 men on the field and the Eagles -- only 10.

Example one is the Chargers game. First quarter: the Eagles go three and out and punt the ball from their 10. In comes Rocca and there goes a 30 yard punt out of bounds to the Eagles 40. Six plays later the Chargers are winning 7-0.

Example two is the Bears game, Third quarter: the Eagles are clinging to a one point lead. The Eagles offense stalls at their own 40 yard line. Not a big deal because a punt should reverse field position and pin the Bears deep in their own end of the field. Not quite because Rocca proceeds to punt for 16 yards, out of bounds.

The Bears turn the good field position into their first lead of the game.

The consistency with Rocca just isn't there. The Eagles' youth already brings about enough miscues this season. The last thing the team and us fans should be worrying about is the punter screwing things up. Especially with how crowded NFC playoff picture is.

The statistics also show the need for a change. Rocca's overall and net punt average are both down from last season. Compared to his NFC peers the numbers are even worse (minimum of 25 punts, 16 players): Ranked 14th in overall average & Ranked 8th in net average

I remember the stink that Akers caused when he lost Koy Detmer as his holder. Maybe the fact that Akers is hot with Rocca as the holder is giving Rocca job security. And maybe mid-season isn't the time for a punting change, considering that you are picking from garbage for a replacement. But come this off-season the Eagles need to address the Punter position.

Competition is needed, even on special teams.

I have this feeling our Eagles are about to get hot and reel off four or five straight wins, but not if the punter can't find some consistency.

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