McNabb On Point in Eagles Rout of Giants

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, November 01, 2009

Slowly but surely, this offense is coming along nicely.

For the past couple of weeks, everyone has been questioning Donovan McNabb. They've said his mechanics are breaking down, that his decision-making has been off, and that his offense can't get the job done against a good defense.

Well, whoever questioned him is chomping on their own words right now as McNabb was lights out in an Eagles win against their division foe, the New York Giants.

Going 17 for 23 with 240 yards and three touchdowns against a "good" Giants defense should certainly be enough for the "experts" to quit questioning McNabb, but it's probably better for Philly if these so-called experts keep spouting their misguided opinions.

He really does seem to wear it as an enormous chip on his shoulder, and shakes it off by running around and throwing touchdowns. In fact, McNabb did everything today. He threw the ball tremendously well, took off once for 14 yards and a first down, and even caught his own pass after it was batted in the air and took off for a gain of one yard.

Of course, the reception didn't mean a whole lot, but it just goes to show the extent McNabb went to today in order to leave the Linc with a win.

For whatever reason, Andy Reid continued running the offense out of the shotgun, only putting McNabb under center perhaps a hand-full of times, but his mechanics were spot on. He's been having trouble with his footwork, but obviously cleared it up for this game.

If he can keep this up and stay this accurate, there's not a team that the Eagles can't beat.

Forget Brian Westbrook, this offense will go as Donovan McNabb goes. He is the key to the Eagles heading to Miami, or heading home.

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