Phillies Downplay Brad Lidge's Biceps Tendinitis

Written By Bob Cunningham On Monday, March 14, 2011
Closer Brad Lidge has been struggling a little bit in Spring Training, and now we know why. Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. recently announced Lidge has tendinitis in his biceps.

The injury, however, is normal for Lidge this time of year. At this time last year the swelling from the tendinitis required a cortisone shot, and another in May.

Lidge battled through the pain in his arm and it showed in the first half of the year as Lidge didn't really get back to form until after the All-Star break.

But this year, as in others, Lidge and the entire organization is downplaying the severity of the injury.

"Just a little biceps tendinitis," Lidge told the media. "We'll let it calm down for a couple of days and then see how we feel - maybe play catch for a couple of days and then get back in there soon."

"This is a yearly thing, really," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "This is his 2011 soreness. He just needs some work on his arm path and arm action."

Amaro was even more dismissive about the injury. According to Jim Salisbury of, Amaro walked by the press and simply announced: "Biceps soreness. Pushing him back a couple days. Lidge."

Amaro did not take any questions on the matter, and described it as "nothing."

In the immortal words of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: Alrighty then.

Lidge is not expected to miss any time as a few days of rest over the upcoming week is expected to put him back at 100 percent. However, if he were to miss time, the Phillies would likely use Ryan Madson and Jose Contreras in the final two innings, but it's unclear who would assuming Lidge's closing role.

The Phillies used Madson in the role last season when Lidge was forced to miss the beginning of the season, and watched him blow two opportunities out of only six.

Madson has expressed a desire to become a closer, but he hasn't proven he can handle the pressure in the ninth inning and the Phils might be reluctant to use him in anything other than a setup role, where he's been spectacular over the years.

More information on Lidge should come throughout the week, and hopefully, unlike with Chase Utley and Domonic Brown, it's actually some good news.

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