Eagles Running Out of Defensive Coordinator Candidates

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Reid taking too long to hire a new coordinator?

Since head coach Andy Reid finally parted ways with former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, a couple names have been flying around regarding McDermott's successor.

Among the names being kicked around are the younger Jim Mora and defensive backs coach Dick Jauron, but it's looking like both could be off the list very soon. The Denver Post is reporting that Jim Mora could be signing on with John Fox and the Broncos, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Jauron is interviewing to be the Browns' defensive coordinator.

Word is that the Browns are looking for a guy with experience to help the young, first-time head coach Pat Shurmur. And with Mike Holmgren having a hand in the interviewing, there's a very good chance Jauron will be offered the job.

If both of those guys are crossed off the list, the only other candidate mentioned is former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Bill Davis. I'm not exactly sure why they'd want the guy responsible for that train wreck, but he would be the only guy left who has been mentioned in connection with the job.

Of course, there's always the possibility with Reid that there are 15-20 other people who just haven't been revealed. One of those guys could be linebackers coach Bill Shuey.

The only problem with Shuey is his youth and inexperience. It seems like the team is more interested in bringing in someone with a resume' rather than promoting a promising young positional coach as they did with McDermott.

Deciding who is going to be the defensive coordinator is a huge decision, so Reid must do his due diligence before pulling the trigger. However, he must also make sure he does it in a timely manner before all the worth-while candidates are off the market.

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