Eagles vs. Giants: Quick Reactions From Week 15 Win

Written By Bob Cunningham On Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vick put the team on his back and made it happen.

-- First of all, that was the most incredible comeback by this franchise I've ever seen (thank you Matt Dodge). The Eagles scored 28 points in the final eight minutes after going down 31-10. I'm about to point out a lot of bad things, but one thing that can be said is this team never even thought about quitting.

-- After that final drive, Michael Vick has convinced me he's the only choice for MVP. Tom Brady has been good, but Vick is clearly the most valuable player to his respective team. He put everything on his back and made him happen. What an absolutely astounding finish.

-- LeSean McCoy was very good when he actually touched the ball. Only 10 carries is a catastrophe, especially since running the ball in the first half could have really calmed things down and McCoy has proven week after week that he's a play-maker.

-- He didn't see a ton of time and appeared to have gotten a bit banged up during the game, but Owen Schmitt did his job. He continues to be impressive, but why can't the guy get a carry?

-- Schmitt shouldn't feel too bad, however, since James Harrison can't get many carries either. Does Andy Reid know this guy has a 286-yard game on his resume' and a 100-yard game this season?

-- Jeremy Maclin continues to back me up when I say he's the best overall receiver this team has. If Vick had any time on the one long ball he attempted, Maclin would have had three touchdowns and about 60 or 70 extra yards.

-- The punt return was incredible. That is undeniable. But as a receiver, I was not impressed with DeSean Jackson. He was out of the game early and was very lazy running his patterns. He has to stick with his time during the bad times as well, and he wasn't willing to do that.

-- Jason Avant did his job. He didn't have any incredible plays in a game that was full of them, but he was there for a few underneath routes to keep the chains moving.

-- Not to burst any bubbles, but if there's a single Giant defender in the area, Brent Celek drops that ball. He bobbled it as it hit his hands, but did a nice job of turning up-field and making sure he was getting in the end zone. The team will still need more from him as a receiver and blocker, but this was a good step in the right direction.

-- Outside of getting duped by a corner blitz once, Jason Peters had another very good game in both run and pass protection. He's turning into the guy the Eagles thought they were trading for when they gave up three picks including a first-rounder.

-- Todd Herremans, Mike McGlynn, and Max Jean-Gilles were less than impressive. They did not work well together, they could not get out of each other's way, and constantly got Vick hit or allowed guys in his face. Herremans, however, will inexplicably continue to be overrated.

-- King Dunlap needs to work on the mental part of the game. He was stepping inside to help Jean-Gilles with a defense tackle while a linebacker or defensive back came around the edge. He must recognize things like that before he can be counted upon on a weekly basis.

-- As far as Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg go, there isn't a whole lot of good. The play-calling was atrocious. They were getting Vick killed with the predictable calls, and Reid not challenging that Hakeem Nicks catch and the Jackson fumble is unforgivable. The team won in spite of these guys.

-- Trent Cole is just a guy in the second half of the season. Where's that key sack? Where's that key play? If he wants to be considered one of the best in the league, he must step up and make the plays when they need to be made. Right now, he's not doing it.

-- Brodrick Bunkley, Antonio Dixon, and Mike Patterson were alright. They got handled a bit too often, but they stepped it up in the second half and contributed by keeping blockers out of the second level. They must all step up, especially in giving a pass rush.

-- The defensive tackle not mentioned, Trevor Laws, wasn't very good either until the Giants' final drive of the game. Laws had a tipped pass and sack on that drive and was instrumental in making sure the Giants had to punt.

-- The defense still needs much, much more out of Darryl Tapp, Juqua Parker, and rookie Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. Tapp had a tipped pass on third down in the fourth quarter, but Parker and Te'o-Nesheim were manhandled most of the game.

-- I've said it before but I'll say it again. I hate Ernie Sims. He's brought nothing of value to this defense and it's mind-boggling that he hasn't been benched for Akeem Jordan yet.

-- Moise Fokou had a decent game with six tackles and a sack, but let's not forget he nearly missed that sack because he couldn't bring down the strong and elusive Eli Manning. Hopefully the sarcasm is coming through.

-- Jamar Chaney is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. This guy had 12 solo tackles and still contributed on special teams. Did you see the huge block on that punt return? That was Chaney throwing his body at that guy for the good of the team. If he keeps this up, Stewart Bradley might have some serious competition next season.

-- What happened to Dimitri Patterson? He had to know they were going to target him with Asante Samuel coming back, but he just seemed out of place all day. He did a decent job tackling in the open field, but he's got to be better at sticking with receivers than he was against the Giants.

-- There weren't a ton of passes thrown his way so it's tough to say what kind of day Asante Samuel had, but one thing is for sure: the Giants were afraid of him. Which I guess qualifies as a good day.

-- Despite the interception, Quintin Mikell did not have a good game. He missed tackles and blew coverage that allowed the Giants to go up 31-10 when he gave up covering Kevin Boss. I'm not sure what's wrong with him this season, but he's got to figure things out quickly.

-- Nate Allen is going to miss the rest of the season with a torn patella tendon. It's a huge loss for this defense and a damn shame for Allen. Kurt Coleman, who did a decent job filling in, will take over as the starter. Expect the Eagles to bring in another safety in the coming days.

-- Like the offense, the defense played in spite of their coach. I loathe Sean McDermott and the way he calls this defense. He plays soft and in turn has created a soft defense. Hooray for them for standing strong at the end, but they still gave up 31 points and a vast majority of the blame falls on McDermott.

-- I'm not sure if Bobby April or Andy Reid came up with the idea for the onside kick, but David Akers executed it to perfection. That is the best onside kick I have ever seen, and Riley Cooper did a great job of getting it at its highest point. From start to finish, that was spectacular.

-- On Jackson's punt return, Omar Gaither made an even better block than Chaney. Coming down the field, Gaither blocked one guy into two other Giants and effectively took out three defenders with one block. With that block, Jackson might not have broken that.

-- The big play wasn't there, but I love the grit and determination Jorrick Calvin shows on kick returns. He refuses to go down and gets as much as he possibly can with no blocking.

-- What an unbelievable game. The Eagles are now in the driver's seat and their magic number is one. One win either next week or the week after, or one loss by the Giants gives them the NFC East title. If the Chicago Bears lose one of their next three games and the Eagles win out, they will earn a first-round bye.

-- There was a lot of good in this game, but the bad cannot be overlooked. The coaches were awful all game and the defense still allowed 31 points. If they can go in and correct what went wrong in the first three quarters, this team could (again, could) be legitimate contenders.

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