Flyers' Winning Ways Are Coming Full Circle

Written By Dominic Perilli On Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sergei Bobrovsky has been a key to the Flyers' success.

With the recent top-notch play of the Philadelphia Flyers, one cannot help but have a little bit of deja vu. This team has been in slumps before and have risen out of them like a hungry man trapped in the basement of a McDonald's.

All of the play-makers that the Flyers need to step up are indeed stepping up: Jeff Carter, Danny Briere, Mike Richards, and Claude Giroux to name a few (hey, that rhymes!).

Let's not forget about Bob. This dude, who speaks no English, is tearing it up in net. He is playing so well that, if I were Peter Laviolette, I'd tell Brian Boucher to go kick buckets and make Michael Leighton the backup goaltender.

But that is most likely why I'm sitting here writing articles and Lavvy is coaching a professional team.

The power play was a main concern at the beginning of the season. The Flyers were only converting about 9 percent of their power plays. That number has since increased to 17 percent.

Why the sudden change? They are putting pucks on the net and creating more chances. The hesitation is minimal.

The Flyers take on the second seed in the Atlantic division Thursday night, the New York Rangers. The always frustrating Henrik Lundqvist may not play since he was dome-pieced during practice by a slap shot.

That's a very good thing. Guess who the backup is? You guessed it -- Martin Biron (Jim Jackson voice). The main guys to watch out for are Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle, and Ryan Callahan.

But to be honest, I'm not too worried.

All of this aside, I still predict that after Thursday night's game, the Flyers will undoubtedly be charged with rubber-puckular manslaughter and be sentenced to the number one seed in the Atlantic divison. Oh wait, we're already there. Cheers!

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