Eagles Re-Sign Former 5th-Round Pick to Practice Squad

Written By Bob Cunningham On Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Ingram's signing an indictment of Brent Celek?

The transactions continue to keep coming out of the NovaCare complex.

Earlier this week, the team announced the release of reserve running back Joique Bell and defensive end Pannel Egboh off the practice squad. To take Bell's spot, the team signed safety Colt Anderson off Minnesota's practice squad.

And now, to take Egboh's spot on the practice squad, the team has announced the return of former fifth-round pick Cornelius Ingram.

It's an interesting move since it took so long for the Eagles to make it. I thought, as I assume others did, that Ingram would be a guy immediately brought onto the practice squad after he failed to make the final cut-down, but they let him float in free agency instead.

Ingram has great size (6'4", 245) and is a phenomenal athlete, but ACL tears over the past few seasons have really hit the brakes on what could have been a productive NFL career.

Now, he's fighting like hell just for the chance to be a body in practice.

But is it possible this move is more than just a body for the practice squad? On FOXSport's "NFL Buzz" section on Yardbarker, Adam Caplan writes that "it's doubtful that Ingram will get signed to the 53-man roster this season since Philadelphia already has three tight ends that they seem happy with."

But how happy are they? Brent Celek continues to be non-existent, Garrett Mills is nothing more than a blocker, and Clay Harbor has been active for one game all season long. So really, how happy can they be?

I'm not saying I think Ingram is going to take Celek's job, but just seeing another tight end on the team could be a slight push to Celek and the rest of the tight ends.

And if Ingram can stay healthy and develop, that would be a huge bonus.

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