Dick Jauron Is a Better Fit Than Sean McDermott

Written By Dominic Perilli On Monday, October 25, 2010

Could Dick Jauron be the missing piece to this defense?

If you watched the Eagles' game this past week, I know for a fact that you were looking for the nearest wall in which to bash your head. I can honestly say that for the first time in my nineteen years of existence, I was legitimately angry at the Philadelphia Eagles.

Remotes, telephones, and pillows were flying in my house with every Kenny Britt reception. I could not fathom how a team, who seemed to have the game in their control, was absolutely dominated by one player and eventually lost the game.

Sean McDermott did a horrible job of making adjustments and managing his defense. You know, there is a guy in the booth named Dick Jauron who wears a cool cowboy hat and is a pretty good defensive coach. Why not give him a crack at it? I'll get to that later.

I counted three goats in this game: Ellis Hobbs, Sean McDermott, and Nate Allen.

Ellis Hobbs

After being matched up against Kenny Britt in the second quarter, Hobbs looked like a freshman on his first day of high school. He was absolutely lost and was being juked while Britt was running his routes.

The amount of separation between Hobbs (or any defender for that matter) and Kenny Britt was wide enough to fit about three Boeing 747s. When Britt got passed him, Hobbs seemed to just shrug it off in the hopes that Nate Allen would pick him up.

Yes, this may be a valid thing to do maybe for three plays. However, if you are a cornerback and are getting consistently smoked by a wideout, maybe it's time for a change. Swallow your pride and speak up. Tell the coach, "Hey, this guy is getting me every time. We should think about doubling him."

Sean McDermott

Aside from being a pretty cool guy, McDermott doesn't know his linebackers from his safeties.

Let me ask you this, how is it that the Eagles defense cannot seem to find a balance in defnding both the pass and run? After having running back Chris Johnson virtually shut down the entire game, the Titans realized that they would have to win through the air.

Instead of tightening up coverage, McDermott left his defense the way it was in the hopes that all will be well by 0:00 in the fourth quarter.


Adjustments are the key to locking up football games. McDermott has got to do a better job of tying up loose ends. Putting Ellis Hobbs on a team's best wide receiver is foolish. Asante Samuel is the best cornerback so why not put him on Britt? Yes, I know that it may screw up the game plan but obviously the original plan isn't working.

Simply put: the Eagles are scared to improvise on the fly.

Nate Allen

I don't have many bad things to say about Nate. He has played up to expectations throughout this entire season. However, in yesterday's game, he seemed to be lost a little bit.

I felt as though the responsibility of him covering Hobbs' lack of skill was getting to his head and making him think too much. Therefore, Allen gave up a couple of big plays. This is expected from a rookie, though.

Dick Jauron was brought on this season to coach the secondary. Jauron has had a few head coaching stints as well as a couple of defensive coordinator positions throughout the years.
From 1995-98, Jauron was stationed in Jacksonville under head coach Tom Coughlin. In those three years, Jauron had a fair amount of success and was able to have his defense rank about 15th each year.

From 2004-05, Jauron was defensive coordinator in Detroit under Steve Mariucci. As you all know, that Lions team was horrible. Anywho, Jauron's defense was ranked 18th and 20th in 2004 and 2005, respectively. In Detroit, Jauron's best defensive players were R.W. McQuarters, Shaun Rogers, Dre' Bly, and Kalimba Edwards.

To be able to have your defense rank in the teens with these players is pretty good, you have to admit. It a lot better than having your D rated in the mid-to-high twenties under McDermott.

Imagine Dick Jauron operating a defense with Trent Cole, Stewart Bradley, Asante Samuel, Nate Allen, Ernie Sims, Quintin Mikell, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I know Andy Reid and Co. are not too keen on demoting assistants but "doggone it," the guy (McDermott) has to go. Even if it means switching him to coach the secondary.

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