Stewart Bradley Claims He's Not Having Headaches

Written By Bob Cunningham On Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bradley claims he's fine, but will likely miss Week 2.

Early Tuesday, a tweet popped up from Stewart Bradley asking if anyone had any home remedies for headaches. The obvious assumption was that Bradley was suffering headaches related to the concussion he suffered Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Well, apparently that wasn't the case. According to Bradley, his publicist jumped the gun.

"This morning my publicist tweeted about headache remedies," Bradley tweeted, "but she didn't need to ask cuz i haven't even had a headache. Seriously."

I'm not sure how much I'm buying that. We all saw him stumble around like a 17-year old senior girl on prom night after making contact with Ernie Sims' leg with his head. For him to truly not have any headaches so soon would be incredible.

The tweet from Bradley's publicist has since been deleted, and the "seriously" at the end of his tweet makes it seem like he's just taking an extra step to convince the league and the Eagles' team doctors that he should be allowed to play against the Lions next Sunday.

Bradley is a gamer and wants to play, so it's tough to fault him. And while I haven't been impressed with his play to this point, he's definitely the best option the Birds have at MIKE.

Andy Reid has ruled Bradley out of practice until at least Friday, so it seems unlikely that he'll see the field in Week 2 no matter how good he claims to be feeling.

The Eagles also announced that Jamaal Jackson had successful surgery on his triceps
by team physician Peter DeLuca of the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Jackson has already been placed on IR.

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