Report: Eagles Release WR/PR Chad Hall

Written By Bob Cunningham On Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hall should be a candidate for the practice squad.

It's not exactly unexpected, but it certainly is a bit of a downer to hear that Chad Hall has already been released by the Eagles.

Per Adam Caplan via Twitter: "Eagles waived PR/WR/RB Chad Hall, source said."

Pretty cut and dry. Hall, as expected, is gone. The move means Hall will go through waivers, giving the other 31 teams a chance to snag him if they so choose. Should no one claim him, it's likely he'll be offered a spot on the practice squad.

Hall wasn't spectacular during the preseason, but he brings more value and versatility than Dobson Collins or Jordan Norwood. Both Collins and Norwood seem to have hands of stone and, while they were both used as gunners at different points on special teams, neither made a play to speak of.

With Hall gone, the team is back down to 65 players and still have 12 guys to cut. As of right now, they've got just a little over three hours to make their final decisions.

So, after four or five more trades, a couple young guys getting tossed to the IR with a hangnail, and a few cuts we'll have the Birds roster and the group of guys we'll all be counting on to pull out a miracle against a heavily-favored Green Bay Packers team in only eight days.

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